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Whether you are trying to avoid painful surgery, needing continued results following medical interventions, a push towards overall health and well-being, or an organized plan of action to gain strength and confidence, BioFit gets it done with the best fitness professionals and the safest, most up to date techniques.

Muscle Activation Technique:

Clients are able to increase motion, ease pain, and to gain physical abilities. BioFit utilizes soft tissue and range of motion techniques as well as a highly effective neuromuscular facilitation skill that balances muscle tension throughout the body that effectively unloads painful and injured areas of the body. Sessions are generally pain free and are progressive in nature.

Personal Training:

Muscles and their ability to function around joints are the key to healthy joints, balance, metabolism, strength, and power. If only a few “exercises” achieved all of this! Muscles need “micro-progression”, dosed exercises that will cause the muscles to respond with strength, size, and ability. BioFit’s fitness professionals understand the manner to achieve these results without the nagging injuries coming from inappropriate workouts.

Aerobic Programming:

“Resistance training with lots of reps!” Aerobic work aka “Cardio” builds endurance and develops the bodies ability to burn calories, and those calories coming from fat, at a higher rate. Prescription is given based on the perceived heart rate at which the individual stops burning

Nutrition Guidance:

The eating portion of a fat loss program is often the most frustrating part, but it IS the most important. How much, what we decide to put into our bodies and when we do it are major components to fighting inflammation, sustaining energy and prevention of illness and disease. BioFit will take some of the guess work out and enable you to make empowered decisions through our nutrition advisement.