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If you are looking for Fitness Professionals who know you are unique, know you need a program designed for your body, your stage of life, your strengths and weaknesses, you have found the right place.

BioFit is THE gym for 50+ to train at in Kansas City.



As professional trainers we see this situation all too often.


We have colleagues from all over who treat all their clients the same. Same program, same supplements, same meal plans…it goes on and on. This is not what you need or want.


This is why we made the commitment to focus on training clients just like you over age 50. Treating you the same as a ‘twenty-something’ is simply unacceptable. You need to be sure your program is right for you.


Here is what we know about our clients:

1. Some are peri-menopausal or past menopause and simply do not like the image they see in the mirror each morning. They know a younger, fitter version of themselves is possible.


2. Some work so hard they can’t find a minute for their own needs.


3. Sadly, others have just been through a major life change such as divorce, injury or illness that has left them REELING and looking for a starting point back.


4. For the guys, not being “the man you once were” hurts. Suddenly you have to rely on help for things that used be a breeze.


5. Still others are horrified by the prospect of losing their independence to impaired mobility or muscle mass loss.


The reasons for making a change are as varied as our clients have been.


Testing and knowing where to start is the key.


At BioFit we utilize measured testing and an “inside view” of your body to know right where to begin.


• Personal Training?
• Small Group Training?
• Pure Balance Lab?
• Muscle Activation Techniques?


We will have you start right where you will have the greatest success.


So save time, save money on health care costs, look better, and leave behind stress and anxiety about knowing where to start. Schedule your no obligation, free consultation today!

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